Animal communication, energetic work and shamanism

Animal communication

Have you ever wondered what is going on behind your pet's lovely eyes? Or does your darling show any behavioural changes that worry you? Through animal communication I can contact your furry best friend, talk to them and feel into them to get to the bottom of what's troubling them.


I work at an hourly rate of 100 CHF.

Energetic work

We are all energy, everything around us is energy. And so with energetic work I can work on the issues of your pet from a distance. No need to come and see me, no need to make an appointment. I work from home on the said topics, and you go on with your daily business. Until you see that something is happening, to the positive, to your friend's behaviour. 


"Being a shaman is a job, The primary duty of a shaman is to maintain balanced relationship between the community and the entities involved." (Kaldera and Krasskova)
In other words, I help those who are out of balance with themselves or the world around them. It goes hand in hand with energetic work, it's just different "techniques".

About me

I am Annette, born in Switzerland with parental roots in Scandinavia and former lives in Great Britain. Life, and a cute kitten, pushed me in the direction of finding out more about what lies beyond, behind or beneath the world we live in. The search for answers lead me to the allowance to glimpse into an incredible world of possibilities and openness, and to a simplicity in all its complexity.

Would you like to find out more?  Do not hesitate to contact me without any engagement. I usually answer within 48h.
You can contact me via email [email protected] or WhatsApp 0041 79 285 31 52


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